Neck Lift Surgery

Neck raise surgery, called platysmaplasty; targets to eliminate the jowl that commonly takes place as a result of sagging of the neck skin with getting older. It is accomplished with a method close to facelift surgery. Basically, the chin vicinity of the affected person turns into tighter after the operation.

The neck is an essential location reason in which deformation because of ageing usually begins first and draws the maximum interest from the out of doors. The skin of the neck turns into loose and dries over time.

Although it is uncovered to almost the same outside factors as the facial skin, it is now not given as plenty care as other components of the face. There are lots of sufferers whose neck skin forms worse than their face pores and skin. Therefore, neck carry surgical treatment can be implemented together with facelift surgery.

Neck Lift Surgery: Procedure

Neck lift surgical operation may be accomplished underneath nearby anesthesia or under wellknown anesthesia. Sedation is likewise the 0.33 alternative.

Depending on the diploma of exchange favored with the aid of the affected person, the traditional neck lift procedure or the technique done with a restricted incision is implemented. The health practitioner makes small incisions in the back of both ears and beneath the chin. The fat may be reshaped or dispersed. The tissue beneath the neck skin is repositioned. The incisions are then closed with sutures. In addition, the fat within the region is absorbed with a special tool. Only humans with excess fat on their necks can remedy this trouble with liposuction. Liposuction is the maximum popular part of the procedure.

However, liposuction cannot restore a number of the troubles that belong to the arrival of the neck. In the consultation between the patient and the medical doctor, all treatment alternatives are visible and the making plans is determined.

Neck Lift Surgery: Candidates

People who can be excellent candidates for neck elevate surgical operation: They are non-smokers, have true clinical information, and have practical expectancies. Many patients with excessively wrinkled neck skin and jowl strains decide on neck elevate surgical procedure.

After Neck Lift Surgery

After neck raise surgical treatment, the treated vicinity is dressed and bandaged to reduce swelling and bruising. Drain is used for excess blood or fluid that may gather below the pores and skin. All instructions on the way to care for the dealt with area, and what to observe against the risk of infection are given to the affected person by way of the health care professional. It is usually recommended that the affected person maintain his head elevated for a while and now not apply cold compresses to his neck.


With sedative drugs and local anesthesia, it is ensured that the patient has a comfortable surgery and feels no pain.


The results of the surgery can be expected to last an average of 15 years, depending on how much the skin sagged beforehand. Other factors that may affect this, include the age of the patient and the aging trend.


A mini neck lift is a smaller surgical procedure performed for the same purpose. It is also called a “modified facelift” procedure that is also less invasive.