Ileal Interposition

Ileal interposition is a bariatric surgical procedure this is commonly applied to kind-2 diabetes patients who do now not have extreme weight issues.

This approach changed into brought by using a Brazilian physician within the overdue 90s. The ileum is the name of the remaining a part of the small gut. Ileal interposition is carried out in two one of a kind approaches. The first one is the location of the ileum among the stomach and the start of the small gut. The second approach is to vicinity the ileum handiest at the start of the small intestine with out touching the belly.

Ileal Interposition: Procedures

There are 2 unique techniques in ileal interposition surgical treatment:

In this system, the belly and duodenum are closed from the second one a part of the duodenum. The closing 30 cm of the small gut is preserved, and a 170 cm part is hooked up to the first a part of the duodenum on the cease of the belly. The different stop is connected to the beginning of the small intestine, so it is interposed.

In this technique, because the duodenum and the preliminary elements of the small gut are disabled, it is also a partly pass operation. Significant blood sugar and weight control are determined in sufferers undergoing this approach.

Jejuno-ileal interposition: In this system, the ultimate 30 cm of the small gut is blanketed and a two hundred cm section is prepared from the last part to be interposed. In this technique, meals can skip via the small intestine with out interruption. The duodenum is likewise lively and the affected person does not have any absorption troubles. Its effect on blood sugar is greater constrained also.

Ileal Interposition: Candidates?

Patients who’re candidates for ileal interposition surgical treatment are commonly visible with type-2 diabetes. Patients whose blood sugar cannot be checked in spite of remedy and whose organs are damaged can be candidates. The operation may not be applied to human beings with a body mass index under a positive degree.

Ileal Interposition Surgery: Advantages

Ileal interposition surgical treatment has two essential benefits. The first is that humans with a reasonably huge range of frame mass index can gain from it. The 2d is that there may be no need for vitamin or mineral dietary supplements aside from folks that need iron and B12 earlier than the operation. Since the surgery includes several tiers and has a complicated manner, it is crucial for the affected person to have extensive understanding earlier.


The ileum is the last part of the small intestine found in vertebrates such as mammals, reptiles, and birds also.


Yes. Ileal interposition procedures are applied not only to people with obesity but also to people who are not obese.


It is not possible to say an exact fee. Since the surgery has a complicated procedure, its cost varies depending on the procedures to be performed.