Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Sleeve gastrectomy is one of the bariatric surgical operation techniques achieved by using the laparoscopic method and is generally favored in the treatment of weight problems.

During the laparoscopy technique, incisions are made inside the top abdomen, and small instruments known as laparoscopes are inserted. During sleeve gastrectomy surgery, approximately eighty% of the patient’s stomach is eliminated. The belly left is a narrow tube, banana-fashioned.

Limiting the dimensions of the belly is also limiting the amount of food that can be ate up. In addition, this manner reasons some hormonal modifications that assist weight reduction. In this manner, it’s miles feasible to prevent weight problems-related problems such as excessive blood strain and coronary heart sickness.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery: Who Can Be Good Candidates?

Candidates who want to have sleeve gastrectomy surgery are normally human beings who’ve obesity problems and purpose to lose weight. Besides; it can additionally be preferred within the remedy of significant diseases inclusive of high blood strain, cholesterol, sleep apnea, kind-2 diabetes, stroke, and most cancers.

It is predicted that the affected person who objectives to lose weight should now not have obtained outcomes with weight loss program and exercising. Gastric sleeve surgical operation is more likely to be applied to sufferers with a body mass index of 40 or higher.

It is not endorsed for candidates to don’t forget sleeve gastrectomy surgery as a sure cure. For a very a hit procedure, radical modifications in life-style can be required at the side of the surgical procedure.

How Is Sleeve Gastrectomy Performed?

Sleeve gastrectomy is achieved under popular anesthesia on the sanatorium. The affected person can also need medical commentary for a day or after surgery. The scope of the surgical operation varies according to the patient’s fitness situation. Surgeries, which can be typically carried out laparoscopically, might also require massive incisions in a few instances.

During gastric sleeve surgical procedure, the general practitioner staples the belly vertically. The closing part of the belly is inside the shape of a slim tube as stated before. The complete operation can take a median of two hours.

Post-Gastric Sleeve Surgery

After the sleeve gastrectomy surgical procedure, the patient is given a special weight loss program to follow. This diet includes sugar-loose and non-carbonated liquid foods, in particular at some point of the primary week. Within three weeks, it’s viable to devour pureed meals, and after that, can return to everyday meals. The patient may additionally want to take a multivitamin, calcium, and B12 dietary supplements for a long term after surgery.

In the procedure following the surgical treatment, the affected person is often known as for comply with-up examinations and important laboratory assessments.

With the effects of sleeve gastrectomy surgical operation, the affected person can also start the weight loss duration. It is known that 50% of excess weight can be misplaced with a healthy lifestyle.


It may take an average of 3 weeks for the incisions to heal, and 6 weeks for the stomach site to heal. After 1 month, it is possible to return to normal life for most patients.


The pain felt during gastric sleeve surgery varies from person to person. During the operation, there is no pain due to general anesthesia.


The answer to this question is “no”. After the sleeve gastrectomy, the patient will have a new stomach with a long life.