Ear Surgery

What is Ear Surgery? (Otoplasty)

Ear Surgery is essentially the technical name for cosmetic surgery that ambitions to a protruding ear to repair. In detail; it refers to both surgical and non-surgical tactics to accurate defects of the cone and to reshape a deformed outer ear that effects from delivery and trauma.

There are many surgical strategies and methods available. It may be executed efficaciously by means of a few medical doctors. Otoplasty does not have an effect on listening to capacity. The vast thing for a successful operation is that the ears are proportional to the size and shape of the face and head.

The Procedure of Ear Surgery

Ear Surgery methods, as called Otoplasty, vary from affected person to patient. The area of the scars might also trade relying at the technique selected. The surgical procedure is finished beneath neighborhood anesthesia or fashionable anesthesia. Children by and large pick this surgery, so widespread anesthesia is regularly used. Local anesthesia may be used for grownup patients.

The extra cartilage and pores and skin in the area are eliminated from the ears via making an incision. The removed cartilage is introduced to the perfect role then and closed by using suturing. It’s reshaped carefully and the focused shape and herbal symmetry are received together with all elements of the ear at the same time. Incision scars are not definitely visible because of the natural fold in the back of the ear. It even will become absolutely invisible whilst restoration is over. The surgery takes approx 1-2 hours relying on the physician and the patient.

A bandage is given to the affected person to area on the top for some days after the surgical treatment. The stitches have specialised for disappearing on their personal. This is a process this is often patient-friendly.

Am I an amazing candidate for Otoplasty?

Ear Surgery may be executed when the ears are fully evolved. Around 5 years antique is most efficient. A man or woman can be an excellent candidate for this surgical treatment if:

  • If has a self-self assurance trouble due to a prominent ear
  • If has problems inside the network because of the appearance of a outstanding ear
  • If over 5 years antique
  • If the overall health is right

Recovery after Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

Otoplasty has a short restoration mostly and the patient is discharged the equal day. The ears are included with bandages to cowl the incision vicinity after the surgical treatment. It need to be worn for the primary 48 hours. It is changed with an elastic band then to protect the ears from harm for the subsequent one week.

Stitches are dissolved within one week. The elastic band is worn at night time to avoid any ear accidents at some point of sleep. There might also visible bruising, itching, swelling, and a little little bit of disturbance. The medical doctor gives painkillers if the affected person wishes them.


Although the ear is not the most remarkable area when it comes to external appearance, people with prominent ears may feel deep sadness regarding this situation. By Otoplasty it’s possible to make a beautiful appearance and have high self-confidence with the permanent results.


Yes, it’s possible. If the prominent ear is one, the doctor performs the surgery suitably.


Yes, ear shape and size can be rearranged with this surgery.