Brow Transplantation

Brow transplantation is performed via transplanting hair follicles taken from the donor region of a person to the eyebrow area.

It may be very commonplace to expose thin eyebrows fuller with the aid of making use of make-up. However, eyebrow transplantation is more and more gaining floor in cosmetic surgical treatment as a permanent solution. Although it has a easy manner, its cost, risks, and aspect outcomes ought to also be taken into consideration. So, it’s far crucial for folks who want to have eyebrow transplantation to get exact facts about the process.

How is Brow Transplantation Applied?

The method used for eyebrow transplantation is both DHI or FUE techniques, similar to the hair transplant. The operation is completed beneath local anesthesia.

The location of the donor region is determined by means of the health practitioner. The perfect place for eyebrow transplantation is often the nape due to the fact the hair follicles at the nape are durable.

An common of 500 grafts can be enough to acquire a healthy eyebrow appearance. The quantity of grafts can also vary from individual to person, relying at the structure and thickness of the present eyebrow. Doctors cautiously region the follicles at an angle. This degree is vital and an skilled health practitioner is needed.

Factors That Cause Brow Loss

There are sure elements that reason eyebrow loss.

  • Aging: Decrease because of adjustments in hormones,
  • Medications: Some medicines harm hair cells and reason hair follicles to fall out,
  • Nutrition: Decrease due to unbalanced nutrients,
  • Genetics: Male sample and lady pattern hair loss are separate. Such hereditary conditions are some of the most common causes of eyebrow loss.
  • Psychological: Stressful occasions can reason eyebrow loss, albeit temporarily.

Brow Transplantation: Recovery

The restoration period inside the treatment of eyebrow transplantation is rather rapid. Within a few days after the remedy, crusting is observed around the brows. These ought to now not be eliminated.

Heavy physical games must be averted for three weeks after the operation. After a few weeks, the transplanted hair falls out, this is referred to as the “surprise loss” technique and is completely normal. New eyebrow hairs start to grow inside some months following this step. The transplanted hairs can also want to be shortened in step with the desired eyebrow duration.


With the FUE technique, eyebrow transplantation is a permanent solution. It generally lasts a lifetime.


Local anesthesia and sedation are used in the treatment of eyebrow transplantation, so the procedure is not painful.


The price of eyebrow transplant treatment varies according to the scope of the operation, the wishes of the candidate, and the clinic.