Breast Lift

What is a Breast Lift?

Breast Lift, additionally referred to as Mastopexy, is a surgical treatment that entails lifting the breasts to have tighter and rounder contours.The ring around the nipple is reduced and the extra pores and skin across the breast is eliminated at the equal time.In ladies, breasts lose their firmness and versatility with getting old. Conditions which includes pregnancy, weight gain, or loss additionally negatively affect the breast shape. It is a situation that some ladies care approximately very much. They even use breast raise tape (Boob tape) to get a higher photograph.

Am I a Good Candidate for Breast Lift?

Anyone who has baggy breasts and is bothered by way of the state of affairs counts as an awesome candidate. It isn’t always possible to get rid of sagging with diet and exercise.

The manner of Breast Lift

Breast Lift may be carried out with several different techniques. The choice of the method to use relies upon on the dimensions of the breasts and how much lifting is required.Before the operation, blood thinners which include aspirin need to now not be taken. It is recommended for people who smoke to forestall smoking about 1 month ago, as it influences the restoration process. It is specially crucial for the speedy healing of wounds within the treatment location.As the first step in the surgery, the physician determines the brand new role of the breasts by way of making markings on the candidate.The operation is achieved beneath preferred anesthesia. The medical professional makes an incision around the nipple ring (Areola).

The incision extends downward from the front of the breast. The breasts are lifted and reshaped. The nipple is nicely placed in its new role. Excess pores and skin can be eliminated from the vicinity to make the breasts appearance tighter. Finally, the handled vicinity is closed by way of suturing or bandaging.

Mastopexy can also be applied collectively with Breast Augmentation. Implants growth the volume of the breasts. However, a few doctors don’t choose to perform these operations on the identical time. Firstly, Breast Lift is performed and Breast Augmentation follows then.

Recovery and Aftercare of Breast Lift

The breasts may additionally stay swollen for several weeks following the Breast Lift surgical operation. Painkillers are utilized in case of pain. During the first 2-3 weeks, it’s far necessary to use a non-stressed out bra and keep the chest location accelerated while mendacity down.

Bleeding, bruising, or neighborhood pain is normally now not visible after this period. It is important now not to raise heavy weights for about 1 month and to keep away from exercising that forces the surgical procedure area.


A Breast Lift operation is beneficial in eliminating asymmetry. During the surgery, the breast tissue is also reconstructed. Repositioning the rings around the nipple provides a symmetrical image.


The surgery aims to make the breasts look natural at the same time. The satisfaction rate of women who have undergone this surgery is extremely high.


Like any other cosmetic surgery operation, Breast Lift carries some risks. There are risks such as infection, bleeding, fluid collecting in the breasts, scars, loss of sensation, and poor healing of cuts.