Beard Transplantation

Beard transplantation is a technique that involves the transplantation of hair taken from part of the body to the jaw line and beard area with distinct techniques.

It is a well-known reality that it is difficult to grow a beard in guys. Not shaving for a while or leaving it to its nature is regularly no longer a solution. Especially whilst a man has stubble, he may additionally get a horrific look because of sickness beard increase. In addition to those, genetics is one of the principal elements that prevent beard growth.

Beard Transplantation: Procedure

2 unique methods are generally accomplished in beard transplantation.

The first method is follicular unit extraction (FUE). It is carried out with the aid of harvesting entire follicular gadgets one at a time from the donor site. FUE is much less painful, that is why it’s the extra normally preferred manner.

The other one is follicular unit transplantation (FUT). For this technique, a surgeon cuts a small slice of tissue from the again of the pinnacle and eliminates the hair follicles from that tissue. In both techniques, the primary aspect is to shave the donor vicinity on the candidate’s head. This allows the professional to see the hair follicles greater certainly. Local anesthesia is given earlier than the follicle extraction step starts. Thus, nothing is felt during the follicle extraction and subsequent implantation procedure.

After the follicle series technique is finished, neighborhood anesthesia is applied to the place wherein the implants can be located, this time at the face of the candidate. Then, each follicle is located in the area to be transplanted and the candidate’s new beard emerges as planned earlier than the surgery.

Beard Transplantation: Candidates

Since the donor website online is generally the back of the candidate’s head, it’s miles essential to have healthy hair follicles on this region. It’s also frequently the ultimate area of the top to look baldness. Therefore, even though there may be some thinning within the upper component, there might be a healthy area at the back of the pinnacle. The expert examines the candidate’s head and determines whether there are follicles required for the transplant.

Beard Transplantation: Recovery

One day after the beard implantation, the candidate can go back to his day by day lifestyles. Small scubs may additionally shape round each newly transplanted hair follicle, however those will fall out inside some days. The candidate can begin shaving generally after approximately 10 days. New beard may additionally fall out in 2 or 3 weeks. This is a natural system after which permanent beards take their region.


It can be understood that the beard transplantation is successful, if the candidate has a healthy beard as if it looks like natural beard on average in the 9th month.


After beard transplantation, the donor area on the head of the candidate and the implant area on the face need special care. With good care, side effects such as swelling and redness may not be seen.


Yes. After the beard transplantation is finished, the beards that grow out are permanent. High success is achieved in the beard transplant procedure.